*Cylinder head refurbishing.

*Brake caliper refurbishing.

*Engine rebuilds.

*Gearbox refurbishing.

Injector room

*Injector testing.

*Injector refurbishment.

*Reconditioned injectors.

*Injector report charts.

*Injector cleaning.

*Various makes available.


*Fault finding.


*Fuel consumption checks.

*Power & performance checks.

*Diagnostics machines available for ALL makes.

*Software updating for V4 trucks.

*ECU programming & calibration.


*Minor to major services.

*Maintenance checks.

*Custom body work.

*In-house painting.

*Electrical/wiring repairs.

*Engine repairs.

*Truck reconditioning.

  • What we offer:
  • *Re-manufacturing of fuel injectors.
  • *In-house diagnostics and fault finding.
  • *Maintenance.
  • *Service exchange electric unit injectors.
  • *Spare parts.
  • *After sales services.

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